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National School Bus Safety Week - OCT. 16-20

National School Bus Safety Week serves as a reminder for students, parents, teachers and the community to keep school bus safety in the forefront. This year’s theme is STOP ON RED!

School bus transportation plays a critical role in the education of Ohio's students as the direct link between home and the classroom. It would take 550,000 cars daily to transport the 800,000 students to school who ride Ohio's 14,500 school buses. Ohio ranks 10th in the nation for the number of students riding a bus. Only six states have more buses than Ohio. Buses travel nearly 1 million miles each day, or 20 times around the nation’s interstate highway system.

The Ohio Department of Public Safety produces an annual report on traffic crashes. In the 2015-16 school year, of the nearly 400,000 traffic crashes, 1,205 involved school buses. The school bus crash rate is 0.31% — 3 in 1,000 crashes — the lowest for all vehicles.

The biggest risk facing Ohio's buses is a distracted driver. As the bus travels its route, it is a moving intersection. Each time the bus stops to load or unload students, traffic must stop. Bus drivers perform many traffic checks before stopping and when students enter and exit the bus. Drivers also check nine different mirrors before resuming their route.

Who can help?


Parents — Help your children put everything in a backpack or school bag so they won’t drop things along the way. Also, help your children leave home on time. Running after the bus is very dangerous.

Students — Wear light-colored clothing walking to the bus stop so you can easily be seen by drivers. Stand in your place of safety away from traffic.

Teachers — Remind students of bus-riding safety rules. Make sure securely store items in their bags or backpacks.

Bus drivers — Remind students of the safety rules and correct student misconduct that is distracting or dangerous at the bus stop.

School administration — Use school bus safety week to show bus driver appreciation, offer media ride-alongs, promote your school bus safety record and complete your students’ safety training.

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