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It is the Fostoria City School District’s mission to provide a quality educational foundation for all our students.  To achieve our mission, Fostoria City Schools is committed to recruiting and hiring the best qualified candidates for all certified and classified positions. All of our staff are members of our professional learning community and play an important part in the education of our children.  Our teachers, classified and administrative staff continually work together to provide extraordinary educational opportunities for the students in our care, and our parents and community are very supportive of the schools and our personnel.

For Substitute Teaching Opportunities - Contact Renhill Staffing @ 800.776.8722

Listed below are current vacant positions available in the district.  For additional information, please contact the Board of Education Office at 419-435-8163. 

Current CERTIFIED Vacancies:  

School Psychologist                                           

Download an application for certified employees by clicking here.

When applying for a certified position with FCS, the following information must be included with the application:
              * Cover Letter
              * Resume
              * Completed FCS Certified Application (Click App Link)
              * BCI/FBI (Copy of most recent checks)
              * Transcripts (undergraduate and graduate as applicable)
              * Certificate/License Copy


Current CLASSIFIED Vacancies-  

School Bus Driver

                                                              Sub Bus Drivers Needed - Contact Transportation Office - 419-436-4105                 

                                                              Sub Custodians Needed - Contact the Operations Office - 419-436-4102

                                                              Sub Food Service Staff Needed - Contact Food Service Office - 419-436-4114

Download an application for classified employees by clicking here
When applying for a classified position with FCS, the following information must be included with the application:
              * Cover Letter
              * Resume
              * Completed FCS Classified Application (Click App Link)
              * Copy of Certification
              * BCI/FBI (Copy of most recent checks)
              * Transcripts (undergraduate and graduate as applicable)

Fostoria Education Association Agreement July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2019

Local #1945 AFSCME Agreement July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2019
FCS Job Descriptions


A.Sprang 1 


Andrew R. Sprang


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Building Project

The work on the Early Site Package continues for the next several months.  Much of the work that is being done now is setting the stage for the main construction that will begin in the spring.  It is exciting to see how far the design of the project has come in the last several months.  The team from Garmann-Miller has been working with teachers and staff in the district on classroom needs and materials.  We have hosted a community meeting that discussed the use of memorabilia or artifacts from the older buildings in the district’s history.  The bleacher project at the JSHS has been completed and they are in use.  When you visit the school campus you see that construction fencing is up at both the JSHS and the Intermediate school.  Both buildings will be going through construction and renovations at the same time, which is a change to the timeline from what was originally planned.  Financially for the project it is better to shorten the timeline to control costs rising over a longer period of time.

Here is a milestone timeline that will guide the project over the next several years.  Obviously, this is subject to change based on weather, availability of materials and workers, and any other unforeseen circumstances.  FCS hopes that the community can be as excited to see this transformation of the district as we are.

  • Early Site Package                                          August 2017-December 2017
  • Main Construction                                          April 2018- December 2019
    • PK-6 Ready to open                             August 2019
    • 7-12 Ready to open                              December 2019
  • Remaining Demolition/ Abatement              January 2020- July 2020

We look forward to sharing more pictures and information as the project progresses. (September 2017)

Increasing Technology

It is a district focus to increase the technology that we have available for our students.  Technology includes laptops, iPads, SmartBoards and projectors in every classroom, our own television studio- which has launched its own YouTube channel as well.  There has been a lot of work done to increase and improve upon the network speed.  All of this existing technology will be improved upon as part of the building project so that the classrooms will be equipped with the most current technology at the time.  Another goal of the district is to work on bringing a 1:1 program for all of our students across the district whether it be a combination of BYOD or district purchased devices. 

The Leader in Me

Three years ago the district began working on the implementation of the LIM in our elementary buildings.  Through book studies and professional development the staff has learned to take the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and utilize them in our school with their own lives as well as the students.  In year two the focus was on goal setting and the focus for the upcoming school year is instruction.  The LIM has become a way of life as we have this implemented in all of our elementary buildings.  The habits are skills that the students and staff will be able to utilize throughout their lives.  For the district this was a decision that made sense because we are making an investment in people, which is the purpose of a school is to grow as individuals.  This school year we are expanding this even further as our JSHS will be implementing LEAD, the older version of the Leader in Me.  The final piece is that the district is also receiving training in the 4 Disciplines of Execution which grows our leadership team and really establishes commitments to help keep goals outlined in strategic plans at the forefront and not forgotten in the day to day whirlwind. 

Curriculum Update Process

Over the past 4 years we have worked to upgrade the resources for our students in the classroom.  Many subjects had not been updated or only had limited resources.  Working through a subject each year (ELA took 2 years) we are finishing the core courses this upcoming school year with the review of our Science materials.  This is a collaborative approach each year with a committee of teachers working together to identify gaps, needs, and improvements that can be made for our students. 

[June 2017]

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Audited Financial Report

The Audited Financial Report is available for public viewing on the Auditor of State website:
auditsearch/results.aspx - Audit Search - Search Keyword: Fostoria City Schools District or by visting the Treasurer's Office at 1001 Park Avenue, Fostoria, OH 44830 (Please call in advance @ 419-436-4162).

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