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Dear Fostoria Community,

We at FCS FETV were informed recently that Channel 10 (FETV), along with other channels like the local weather channel in Fostoria, are showing up black on some televisions. After contacting Time Warner it has been determined that the channel is still broadcasting and is on the Time Warner platform, but the channel is showing up black because of the switch this summer to digital signals and eliminating analog signals. You may have also noticed this issue when looking for other channels like the weather channel (local). 

The short story is that:

  • if you have a cable box attached to your television you should be able to see Channel 10 just like before.
  • if you DO NOT have a cable box and you have an older "tube" television or other analog (bunny ears) setup you will not be able to get these channels unless you get a box or converter
  • if you have DO NOT have a cable box but do have a modern flat panel TV with a digital tuner built in you CAN get the channel. However, you will need to re-tune or re-program your television channels. This is typically located in the menu. It only takes a few minutes. If you do this you should be able to find the channel 10 broadcast on channel 96-3 (yes that is a dash). If you look at your TV remote there should be a dash or a dot button near the zero. The weather channel should be on channel 85-23
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