Fostoria City Schools

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2016-2017 Preschool Supply List


Book bag - large enough for folders (NO ROLLERS)

1 – 1” view binder with an outside sleeve for photos & labels

1 package of multi-colored construction paper

1 - 4 oz. Elmer’s Glue

8 Glue sticks

4 low odor Expo dry erase markers

2 boxes (16 or 24) CRAYOLA crayons

1 box CRAYOLA markers

1 - CRAYOLA watercolor paint sets

2 Large box of tissues

2 boxes of baby wipes

BOYS ONLY - 1 GALLON size Ziploc storage bags

GIRLS ONLY - 1 QUART size Ziploc bags

1 Homework Folder

1 3-prong plastic folder (Madden Only)

1 subject WIDE ruled spiral notebook

1 extra set of clothing (DOES NOT HAVE TO BE CAMPUS WEAR) which should include:

Socks, underwear, shirt, black sweatpants, black shorts, and pull ups if necessary

1 small blanket and small pillow (not standard sized)  

    (None needed for half-day AM/PM classes)

Additional items may be requested by the teacher

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